Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Update #3

I can now release the title for the Sci-Fi short story I wrote. It's called The Neveem.

It is the full 10,000 words, so plenty of content. :D

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


In the contest I had entered, the deadline got delayed a month, so I won't be able to post the story until early October.
Sorry! Thanks for being patient, if I have any real followers, lol.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


So the Judicator got postponed for a while, and now I am working on a short story for a writing contest. Unfortunately I cannot post any of the content in the story, because the rules say so, but I can tell you it's Sci-Fi and it's going to be posted in early September.


Sunday, June 7, 2015

School description

This is a description I wrote for school a few months back, to give you something to read until I post the prologue of The Judicators. I was given this:

Imagine the most fantastic setting for a story that you can. Write the most realistic description of it that you can. Use all five senses.

So I wrote this:
Kneeling on the brink with his weariness forgotten, Grendar looked down in wonder at the picturesque setting below; a wide valley, filled with green, blue, and yellow. He gazed at the trees even taller than the great giants, the ones that could be settled by hundreds of his own people. Ripe for the picking. He heard the birds chirping and going about their business, the smell was of ancient fruit he couldn't describe. He already felt the grass under his hands, and imagined what it would be like in the valley. Then when his eyes set on the tower, the dark, tall tower with spikes and thorns coming out of the sides, his eyes narrowed, and he crept back to tell the others.

Yes, I know it suggests a backstory, but I don't actually have a backstory to go with it. lol. Sorry.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

New visitors from websites outside of Blogger:

Welcome to my blog. I don't necessarily post much on this blog, so don't bother following it. [But don't let me stand in your way if you really want to, lol.]

Anyway, the stories that I posted are not exactly "good." They are all from when I was 10-14, [I'm 16 now] so you can't judge my current writing level from them. :D
You can read them if you wish, but I don't like how I wrote them. I have quit writing Dragon Wars [sadly] because I ran out of ideas and plot scenarios for it. I have decided to write a brand new novel, which will probably be called "The Judicators" [That means "The Judges," in case you were going to look that up]
However, the name isn't final, and I haven't actually started writing the book yet. Though I have written out the main plotline, so I won't stray away and wonder when it's all over. Haha.
It will be in a medieval setting. Again. You can't blame me, I like swords. And castles. And bows.

A lot.

When will you post the first chapter, you ask? Well, I can't rely on my schedule for writing, so please don't rely on me. There are some days where I write 1000+ words, and there are [many] days where I write absolutely nothing.

Anyway, [Wow I said that twice 0.o *looks at the rest of my blog* I say 'anyway' a lot!]
Enjoy your stay, and do look after my fish from Mordor. They get bored, and they're probably hungry.