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Chapter 4, 5, 6, and 7.

4- Can We Get to CHise?

Suddenly, three helicopters came and fired all their laser rockets at the tyrannosaurus rexes. One by one, the dinosaurs fell dead.
The boys felt so relieved that they wanted to yell and say “Hurray!” But they were too tired.
When they got home, they had a nice dinner of stegosaurus-shaped pancakes [They didn't want to face meat-eating ones anymore].
Then they went to bed.
The next day, the boys jumped into their jeep and zoomed off to the airport. When they got there, they asked for tickets to Chise.
“I’m sorry, but we do not have any available tickets to Chise this month. My guess is that DDS is taking dangerous dinosaurs there.” The man telling them this was tall, with short, brown hair, and about thirty years old. He was wearing a T-shirt that had an emblem of Sea-Tac airport on it, and he also wore shorts.
The boys knew they had to see what was going on at Chise. “Is there anything that goes to that island besides the DDS helicopters?”
The man looked at his computer for about three minutes then said, “We have a cheap airliner that’s going there. It’s a B-2 bomber.”
“How much?” Nathan said, leaning against the counter.
“Two hundred dollars a ticket. Six hundred dollars total if all three of you are going,” the man said, smiling.
“You call that cheap?” Nathan said angrily. “What are the normal rates for flying to the island?”
“Nine hundred dollars . . . each.” The man began looking impatient because the line of customers was growing from one to ten.
“Then we’re going to drive to San Francisco if your airport can’t keep the prices down!” Nathan decided.
The boys walked out of the airport.
“He’s not very friendly, is he?” Justan whispered to Nathan.
Thirty seconds later, Nathan started the jeep and drove down the road towards home.

When they walked into their house, they decided to play a game that afternoon. They sat down and got out the LEGO World Risk game. How you played is this way: you first roll the dice. It can land on blue (science), green (history), red (geography) or “mixed” (a fun one), or orange (which is roll again).
You then draw a card that matches the roll, and you announce the question on the back to the person whose turn it is. If he (or she) gets the answer right, he gets to put five to twenty men on the board, depending how hard the question is. And the rest of the rules are too complicated to put in this story.
Suddenly, the boys heard a knock. Nathan opened the door and the first thing he heard was, “You want some free tickets to Chise?”
They soon found out that the people who bought the tickets thought Chise was a great tourist center and decided to check it out. But they later learned that is was the opposite, so they went around seeing if anybody wanted the tickets.

5- How to Treat Dinos

Nathan, Justan, and Kevan got off the plane at Chise. The first thing they saw was a T-rex in a 900-foot net being brought into a giant pen right off to the side of the road.
But they weren’t here to look at the dinosaurs. They were here to learn about them. When they went into the DDSH in Chise, they went to the counter and Nathan asked, “When is the next tour?”
The man answered back, “Two hours and thirty minutes.”
“Great. Come on, boys, let’s go to the truck center and rent a truck. Then we can wait at the tour center.”
When they were in their truck, they zoomed across hills with lots of bumps until they got to the tour center. After that, they only had to wait thirty minutes, since the drive took two hours.
At the tour center Nathan walked back and forth, back and forth, checking his watch every two minutes until Kevan said, “When is he coming? He’s got to come sometime!”
 Suddenly, a door swung open and a man came through. Nathan knew who he was. “The commander!” Nathan said in a whisper. “I thought he was in New York City!”
Twenty minutes later, they were on the road with the commander, and on to the first stop.

When they got there, the commander motioned to stop at the raptor-lizard habitat and said, “These raptor-lizards can shoot fire if you’re not careful, and they have lots of ideas about attack plans, even though they are small. So I advise you not to use the same attack plan twice.”
Then they drove over to the raptor habitat. Suddenly, a raptor broke through the metal wire and roared at them. The commander’s hand went up like lightning and fired the laser! The raptor went side to side and eventually fell over.

The commander said, “These dinos are capable of tearing an ATJ to a hundred pieces if you don’t fire quickly enough. They also are fast and can push a ton if they can’t tear you apart.”
They bounced over the raptor and over to the T-rex habitat. “These are the most dangerous. They can stomp a building to crumbs and bite through thick steel. These are also the least popular, so you won’t have much of a problem with these.”
The boys shuddered as they thought about what they would have done with the three T-rexes in the narrow street if the helicopters hadn’t come.
Now they knew how to treat the dinosaurs.

6- Raptor Attack!

One morning, Nathan was doing his math problems for college on the computer at home when he heard Kevan yell, “The commander is here, and he wants to talk to you!”
Nathan held up his hand and said, “I’ll be there after this problem.” When he finished, he walked into the living room of the small 1,000 square-foot house. He saw the commander sitting on the couch, talking to the boys.
When he saw Nathan, the commander stood up and said, “Congratulations! You earned 30,000 dollars for helping to take down the three T-rexes before you even learned about them!”
Nathan’s mouth dropped open. When he finally got to the point where he could talk again, he said, “Um . . . uh . . . we can’t take 30,000 dollars for only three t-rexes. And plus, we were only getting out of the mess we were in when we zoomed out.”
“No, you take the money,” the commander insisted. “That's what we do with all of our workers. Five thousand for a raptor, 500 for a raptor-lizard, and 10,000 for a T-rex.”
When he left, Nathan, Justan, and Kevan each had $10,000 in their pockets. The first thing they all said was, “Let’s go buy a tank!”
When they got to the store, they sold their jeep for 20,000 and bought a tank for 50,000. When they were all settled in the tank, they drove the six hours to Tonasket, and when they reached their destination they drove up Grandma and Grandpa’s driveway.

At the top of the hill they found out that five raptor-lizards were roaming around the cabin. The boys were safely inside the cabin and talking to Grandma about the raptor-lizards.
“I think they should be eliminated and taken somewhere else,” Grandma said.
Right when she spoke, a raptor-lizard crashed through the window and gave a loud snarl.
The boys drew their hand pistols and shot him down. Pss-pss-pss went the guns.

“One down, only four to go,” Nathan said.
The rest of the afternoon they guarded the cabin while Grandpa fixed the window and picked up the glass. When he was finished, the boys were ready to hunt the rest of the raptor-lizards. They used one of the attack plans the commander had given them. It was to stay together, just in case somebody got hurt.
Crunch, crunch, crunch went the leaves as they walked through the forest. When they got to the edge of the seventeen-acre property, they found raptor-lizard tracks.

“Sh! We are pretty close to where they hide out,” Kevan whispered.
Suddenly, two raptor-lizards leaped out of the bushes and snarled at them. They approached and snarled some more.

The boys backed up while and slowly drew their guns. Pss-pss-pss the bullets bounced off the raptor-lizards’ backs. Suddenly they felt a fence behind them. They were trapped!
BAM! WHOOSH! A huge laser rocketed through the air and landed right on the two dinos. They fell flat.
Grandpa crunched through the leaves and said, “I thought you might need some help.”
Then another two raptor lizards jumped out and Grandpa said, “A lot of help.”
The boys still had their pistols in their hands and saw one of the raptor lizards open its mouth and snarl. Then Nathan had an idea. If he aimed his gun at the raptor lizard’s mouth, then he would be dead.

Ps! Nathan aimed and fired. The bullet went right into the mouth and the raptor lizard fell flat. However, the other one was aiming his bites and pounces at Justan and Kevan.
The boys fired their guns at the raptor lizard and it bounced off its back again and again. Nathan saw his chance. The raptor lizard opened its mouth and gave a loud snarl. Everything seemed to be in slow motion when Nathan fired at the wide-opened mouth.
The raptor lizard fell flat.

7- At Last!

Later, Nathan, Justan, and Kevan traveled to the African jungle and found and destroyed nine raptor-lizards, three raptors, and two T-rexes. That afternoon they found the most dangerous T-rex ever! Its gleaming teeth, glaring red eyes, and razor-sharp claws sent shivers down the boys’ backs.
Kevan leaped off the tank platform and into the grass.
The T-rex noticed the tank and roared, stomped, and—to Nathan’s terror—charged.
Nathan pointed the tank’s laser at the T-rex and fired. Nothing happened. The huge dinosaur roared again and picked up Kevan by the teeth. Nathan jumped out of the tank, followed by Justan, who just happened to grab some rope and dynamite.
“Hand me the dynamite!” Nathan yelled to Justan.
Justan threw the bomb over to Nathan, and Nathan threw the dynamite at the legs of the T-rex. He was holding Kevan, who was screaming.
BAM! The dynamite exploded and the T-rex landed on the ground. He moved his legs, as if expecting to move forward, toward the two people.
Kevan scrambled out of the T-rex’s jaws and ran toward the tank. Justan and Nathan got busy tying down the T-rex until the helicopters could take the T-rex to Chise.
The helicopters came and lifted the tyrannosaurus rex into the net and took off to Chise.
When the three boys got home, they had lunch and went back to their tank. They climbed into it and zoomed off to Louisiana swamp. They rammed into some raptor-lizards and destroyed them. They zoomed over to a clearing and saw a whole army of raptor lizards. They destroyed each and every one of them.
Nathan said, “Why would there be so many of them in one place?” They zoomed around the next bend, and what they saw was too hard to believe!
WOW!” Nathan said as he drove into the clearing. “Eggs everywhere!” Then they saw two towering T-rexes roar and charge.
“Yikes! Dodge!”
The tank swerved wildly and straightened. Nathan tugged at the launcher activators.
WOOWOOSH! B-BAM! The two rockets hit the T-rexes and they fell flat. Nathan called into his 2,000-mile-limit walkie-talkie and said, “We found the Mother Base for the dinosaurs.”
Hours later, the dinosaurs were all extinct.
Nathan, Justan, and Kevan went on their vacation—just like they’d planned two weeks before.

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Just figured out that i can do blog posts on my kindle touch!

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New Story

I am writing a new story. [And no, it isn't as bad as the Dinosaur story.] :-)

The title is [Drumroll please]

The Lone Dragon Rider of Tire!

Yes, I am writing a dragon book. I already have a prologue and two chapters.


Chapter 4.

3- T-rex Encounter
When Nathan, Justan, and Kevan got to Phoenix, they didn’t see any dinosaurs.
But just then, they heard a plink in front of the jeep. They saw what it was—a pteranadon.
“Sorry. I guess I didn’t see your jeep,” called a voice from a DDS helicopter hovering above.
Nathan looked at the boys and shook his head. “Now I wish we’d got something bigger.”
The guy in the helicopter warned, “Hey, you in that jeep! You better watch out! A T-rex is coming your way!”
“No, two . . . three . . . yep, three dinos are about 500 feet around the corner.” He paused. “There they are!”
A big head with maybe 400-500 teeth and glaring red eyes peeked around the corner.
“Maybe he’s looking for the tanks,” Kevan whispered to Nathan. Then the huge head came out fully.
Now I REALLY wish we’d got something bigger, Nathan thought. He reached for the joystick and pulled the trigger. A green flash came out and hit the T-rex, but he didn’t fall down like the raptor did. Instead, the T-rex’s eyes started to turn redder. Then all of a sudden he charged. The two other T-rexes came around the corner.
It was a good thing the jeep was fast, because it zoomed out of that tiny street right underneath one of the T-rex’s legs. The dinosaur looked confused and looked around. When he saw the jeep roaring its engine off, he snorted and ran towards it.
Kevan and Justan looked around and yelled to Nathan, “Must go faster! Must go faster!”
Nathan rolled his eyes and thought, Those boys watch Jurassic Park too much. And he just kept driving like a hot-rod in the world-record-race. Nathan didn't look back. And he didn't go crazy [unlike some people].