Monday, July 22, 2013

There! I fixed it!

Packing tape rules!

I lost the tiny pins for my watch so I just taped it. Works fine, all buttons are accessible.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Star Wars 7

Here is Chapter 1 of my book, Star Wars 7!

Chapter 1
The Galactica Fleet
“Tie fighters coming in from mark 254!” Luke gripped the controls like the defense turret on Tatooine. He swung his X-wing toward a nearby Tie fighter, and fired his quads right at the target and destroyed it.
“Yahoo! We did it!” Wedge Antilles’ smile turned into confusion as he looked to the left. “Whoa! What is that??”
        “Looks like an Imperial fleet to me,” said Luke.
        “No, the left side.”
Luke paused as he saw a gray ship that was big enough to be an empire star destroyer, from the books he read as a kid. “It’s a battlestar!!”
        “That’s a battlestar??? That’s the Battlestar Galactica?”
                                      * * *

“Hey, Starbuck, do you think those are Cylons in those ships?
        “I don’t know, I have to get a good look at them. Maybe I can go out in my ship and take a look.”
        “I think I’ll go with you.”
* * *
        “Luke?” Asked Wedge.
        “Yes?” Luke responded.
        “Do you see those specs next to the Battlestar Galactica?”
        “Yes.” Luke answered.
        “I think they are coming to meet us.”
        “Well good luck in trying to make friends.” Static came as the specs grew into dots, then into triangle ships. Finally they could here a voice on the COM.
“What are you doing in gamma quadrant 57841?” Asked a voice. Luke hesitated before he spoke.
        “Blasting tie fighters.”
        “Well who are you anyway?”       
        “Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles. What’s yours?”
Antilles explained that they were fighting the mighty Empire and trying to destroy them.
        “Maybe we can work together.” Antilles said.
        “I guess we’ll have to, with that big army chasing us.” Starbuck answered.
* * *
On the rebel Solar they began to make plans.
“I think we should lightspeed over to Remus and set our base there,” said Leia.
        “Maybe we can, but remember there is an Imperial outpost there, we have to fight to get there,” Luke advised.
        "Or we could send a couple of our sneakships, and blast our way through,” Starbuck said.
        “I think we should send ourselves, and a squadron of e-wings. Is that okay?” Luke volunteered.
        "Sounds great! Let's go!" Wedge said.
Moments later, in their e-wings and vipers, they zoomed off to Remus. “50 fighters and tie fighters coming in,” Leia exclaimed.
Luke gripped the controls again the same day, and blasted several Tie fighters. Starbuck, with his experience, hit 20.
“5 star destroyers! X-wing squadron, y-wing squadron, a-wing squadron we need help!” Luke said. Moments later, in the cloudy sky of Romulus, 36 ships were coming-and something that had green, blue, yellow and orange blinking lights that is as big as a star destroyer- a Battleplanet!
Whoosh! The orange flame separated from the Battleplanet like a cat running from a dog. Aboard the Battleplanet…
        “Rocket approaching enemy, commander.”
        “Good. W going to show those Imperials what we have in store for them.”
* * *
BAM! The rocket hit all five of the star destroyers.
 “Uh-oh.” Luke said
        “What?” Wedge replied.
“The third death star is here.” Luke calmly explained.
“The third death-OH NO!” Wedge exclaimed.
Suddenly a green flash whooshed past them and destroyed the fleet of 36 ships. Then, the death star light-speeded away. “Hey I have some 23 ships coming out of lightspeed on my scanner and they seem to be the red sector type!”
“Hey rebels! My name is Nathan Skywalker and these are my far-off friends!”
        “Wow,” said Wedge. “Do you know what that means Luke!”
        “I never knew I had a brother,” said Luke.
        “Are you my long lost brother? The one I have been searching for years?” Nathan asked.
        “Maybe, but I didn’t know if I had a brother.”
Nathan zoomed his Jedi starfighter over next to Luke’s x-wing and said to his companions:
        “Take your c-fighters back at the red sector. I think I want to check this out.”
        “But sir, we don’t know if they are the SSi Ruuk we’ve been fighting for years!” the commander exclaimed.
        “Maybe it’s time to face them if they are. I have my lightsaber right here just in case.”
        “Ok then, you are on your own.” Then the 22 ships left the same way. 30 minutes later, Nathan met Luke and the rest of rogue squadron on the ship Solar.
 “So, when’s our next battle?” Luke asked the general.
        “About in 5 minutes, so be ready to launch.”
Starbuck and Boomer stepped in the launch area. “We are ready to blast more of those tie fighters.” Starbuck said. Han and Leia stepped in. “We are going to go in the falcon and try to bomb this base." Leia said.
2 minutes later, they were all in they’re fighters when the general began to count down.
 “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and GO!” Whoosh! All the fighters launched into the star-sprinkled sky.

 Suddenly, Nathan picked up something on is scanner. “Hey, looks like we are not the only ones out here.”
Then there came a voice: “Fighters, I am Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise.”

        “WOW!” Luke exclaimed.