Saturday, May 9, 2015

New visitors from websites outside of Blogger:

Welcome to my blog. I don't necessarily post much on this blog, so don't bother following it. [But don't let me stand in your way if you really want to, lol.]

Anyway, the stories that I posted are not exactly "good." They are all from when I was 10-14, [I'm 16 now] so you can't judge my current writing level from them. :D
You can read them if you wish, but I don't like how I wrote them. I have quit writing Dragon Wars [sadly] because I ran out of ideas and plot scenarios for it. I have decided to write a brand new novel, which will probably be called "The Judicators" [That means "The Judges," in case you were going to look that up]
However, the name isn't final, and I haven't actually started writing the book yet. Though I have written out the main plotline, so I won't stray away and wonder when it's all over. Haha.
It will be in a medieval setting. Again. You can't blame me, I like swords. And castles. And bows.

A lot.

When will you post the first chapter, you ask? Well, I can't rely on my schedule for writing, so please don't rely on me. There are some days where I write 1000+ words, and there are [many] days where I write absolutely nothing.

Anyway, [Wow I said that twice 0.o *looks at the rest of my blog* I say 'anyway' a lot!]
Enjoy your stay, and do look after my fish from Mordor. They get bored, and they're probably hungry.