Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter 3.

Sorry about the gap in between these two chapters. Here it is.

The next day, the boys hurried through their Switched-On Schoolhouse and rushed out the door to go buy an ATT [all-terrain tank] with their combined savings of $30,000.
When they got there, they found out the ATT was about $50,000, so they got an ATJ [all-terrain jeep] for $20,000. As they were driving around, they talked about what kind of equipment they would need.
 “Hey Justan, Kevan, now that we have a vehicle, should we go hunt dinos, or should we capture them and take them to Chise?” Nathan wanted to know.
“I think we should capture them,” Kevan suggested.
“Me too,” agreed Justan.
“Then I think we should go and buy the meat we need for luring them in,” Nathan said, “and the cage for taking them to the helicopter landing pad.”
When they finally got to the DDSH [Dino Defense Squad Headquarters] the boys went to the front desk and said, “We would like the kind of meat dinosaurs eat, and we need a cage.”
“A BIG one,” Kevan added.
Justan smiled and nodded.  
The clerk ran it through the cash register and said, “That will be one thousand dollars, please.”
The boys looked at each other.
I didn’t know it cost so much money for a cage and meat, Nathan thought. I thought it would be around 500 dollars, but instead, it’s double. How are we going to pay for it? We still need to buy a shield generator for the truck, ’cause the boys are young and—
“I’d like the money please,” said the clerk.
“We changed our minds,” Nathan said. “I think we should get three machine guns, three rounds of bullets, and ATJ size lasers instead.” Nathan looked at the boys and mouthed why they couldn’t buy the cage.
And the boys nodded their approval of this new plan.
“That will be 600 dollars.”
Nathan took out the cash and handed it over. He took the machine guns and the bullets and gave them to the boys. Then he went into the back room with the clerk to get the lasers. Thirty minutes later, they had the lasers installed and the machine guns ready for anything.
They were on the road again and on their way to Phoenix, Arizona, because they heard there were raptors there that were eating through windows and tearing up stores.
Suddenly a raptor jumped right into the road! The boys trembled as Nathan reached for the joystick that controlled the newly-installed lasers.
WOOSH! The green laser shot out like it was playing cat-and-mouse with the top of the truck. The laser hit the raptor. THUNK! The raptor hit the ground like a ton of lead. The boys were relieved because they didn’t know the raptor was going to get that close.
Kevan laughed.  “It’ll never get up off the ground now.”