Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pictures galore

I haven't had internet access and enough time to post on my blog for a while. A few days ago we went to Mt. Rushmore, and here are some pictures to prove it:


My siblings and I picked out souvenirs from the gift shop. As you'd expect, the little ones [2-6] picked out things like, [brace yourself] plastic binoculars that barely work. Ellianna [8] was a little in between, picking out a supersized nickel. Kevan [10], Justan [12], and I [14] bought pocketknives, Kevan and Justan bought small ones while I got a big one, because I had money to pitch in. Anyway, all three had an etching of "Mt. Rushmore" with a picture of it, and on the other side it had our names. Pretty cool, huh? I'll show you mine:

That's all for now, folks!
 Before I forget, Andi, did you go on any road trips or did you generally stay in one state for the rest of your life?