Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chapter 4.

3- T-rex Encounter
When Nathan, Justan, and Kevan got to Phoenix, they didn’t see any dinosaurs.
But just then, they heard a plink in front of the jeep. They saw what it was—a pteranadon.
“Sorry. I guess I didn’t see your jeep,” called a voice from a DDS helicopter hovering above.
Nathan looked at the boys and shook his head. “Now I wish we’d got something bigger.”
The guy in the helicopter warned, “Hey, you in that jeep! You better watch out! A T-rex is coming your way!”
“No, two . . . three . . . yep, three dinos are about 500 feet around the corner.” He paused. “There they are!”
A big head with maybe 400-500 teeth and glaring red eyes peeked around the corner.
“Maybe he’s looking for the tanks,” Kevan whispered to Nathan. Then the huge head came out fully.
Now I REALLY wish we’d got something bigger, Nathan thought. He reached for the joystick and pulled the trigger. A green flash came out and hit the T-rex, but he didn’t fall down like the raptor did. Instead, the T-rex’s eyes started to turn redder. Then all of a sudden he charged. The two other T-rexes came around the corner.
It was a good thing the jeep was fast, because it zoomed out of that tiny street right underneath one of the T-rex’s legs. The dinosaur looked confused and looked around. When he saw the jeep roaring its engine off, he snorted and ran towards it.
Kevan and Justan looked around and yelled to Nathan, “Must go faster! Must go faster!”
Nathan rolled his eyes and thought, Those boys watch Jurassic Park too much. And he just kept driving like a hot-rod in the world-record-race. Nathan didn't look back. And he didn't go crazy [unlike some people].

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