Saturday, October 19, 2013

A small Lego movie I made...

This is a thirty-four second test Lego film I made a while ago in 1080p. It would be in around 3K if my computer had that resolution and Windows 7 supported it...
Unfortunately, I was unable to add music or voices to it. Music was because the original video had the LOTR soundtrack, "The Black Gate Opens" but I was concerned about copyright issues, so I just erased the music. 
Voices, because I was going to do a longer film, but school came up so I ran out of time. Plus the fact that the structure in the scene was destroyed soon after the filming of this scene due to space issues. Keep in mind that this is only a test film, I will see about making longer films, possibly with voices.
Also, I did not get up at three in the morning to publish this, I am testing the scheduling as well.



  1. Actually, I guess it isn't in 1080p, now that I look at it. I wonder why?

  2. Hey :) That's pretty cool. My brother loves stop-motion animation and makes Lego videos all the time. Glad to see you posting again, how're those new stories coming on? :)

  3. They're coming, don't worry... :)