Friday, March 16, 2012


Here is a notice, the stories before and after this post I wrote a long time ago, so don't think that I don't write that well for my age. No, I am not going to give my age, but you can guess by looking at my picture.

By the way, I will start posting my Star Wars 7 story now.
For you dragon people, I will be posting chapters of my The Lone Dragon Rider of Tire story after Star Wars 7.



  1. By the way, Play with my fish, please. They are hungry, and you should give them some food.
    They are over there. ->

  2. I played with your fish and they WERE hungry. I just love this blog. It is so nice. Are you going to include pictures with your new dragon story?

  3. If I can find cool dragon pictures. You seem, well, Andi-ish today, can you explain that GRANDMA?